Climbing The mountains of the Auvergne belong to the low and middle mountain area that is ideal for rockclimbing. The 4 main areas for rockclimbing in the Cantal area are:

  • Chaudes-Aigues (East Cantal)
  • Riom ès Montagne – Cézallier (Nord Cantal)
  • Mauriac (West Cantal)
  • Aurillac (South Cantal)

You can reach each of these areas within one hour but the area of Chaudes Aigues is the most interesting. Le Bout de Monde has 19 routes, variating 3b/6b, and you can reach it within 10 minutes. Gorges du Bès: 78 routes (3b-8a) height 20 – 100 meters and Roc d’Hozières where the rocks are till 240 meters heigh and a difficulty from 5b till 7b.